Friday, March 18, 2011

The Relationship Hexagon (yes...based on the saying "love triangle")

Carl- "likes" Candace, "likes" Rose, dislikes Gamer
Candace- loves Carl
Rose- "likes" Carl, "likes" Bradley
Bradley- loves Rose
Gamer- "likes" Rose, loves Joy, hates Carl
Joy-  loves Gamer

More About Carl:

Okay so here is more about one of the main characters, Carl M. Alexander. Carl Alexander was raised near Hexagon City and often traveled there as a kid. He met  Candace Marks, around there and then realized they went to the same high school and they starting dating. Well, when Candace had to move for college they broke up and Carl went to college without her :( A year after college ended (that would be now for them) Carl moved to Hexagon City and you know what happens then..yep he meets Rose :)

Carl is about medium height for a guy. He has short hair the colour of caramel, bright blue eyes and perfect teeth. He's fairly thin and not very muscular. He is AMAZING at drawing and can sing and play guitar, but his favorite thing to do is work on cars and that's exactly what he does for a living. He is really smart, kinda dorky( the good kind!) and is very emotional. He is patient and genuinely kind. He is really outgoing even though he is a dork. He still dresses like a his Converse and graphic tees with hilarious sayings.

Let Me Introduce You to the Cast...

Carl, one of our main characters, is new to Hexagon City. He meets the stunning and fun-loving Rose. Rose and Carl start chatting and Rose introduces the idea of moving in together. It's not what you think. She owns a duplex and can't afford to pay all the morgage. Of course, Carl loves this idea, moving in with a beautiful woman and all, BUT there's a catch. Somebody else lives with her too. His name is Gamer. Rose and Gamer live in the upper part of the duplex and Carl now lives in the lower part. Rose loves Gamer a little brother. Gamer has his own ideas about Rose. Yes you guessed it, He likes Rose. (I know, I know, I'm using the old elementary term for "has a bit of a crush on" with it!) Everything is fine and dandy until Carl's old high school girlfriend, Candace, shows up...oh crap! :)

About Hexagon City

Phew! Finally have this blog up and running!
Now for the important info:  What is Hexagon City?  Hexagon City is, for lack of a better description, a modern, ongoing story...not your mother's soap opera.